Grandmother Sows the Pillows shines all the stones that billow forth, to Sow them up of course, to bring them closer to your heart, where we are the holy arks. Welcome to the sacred stones, fractals for your delight, each child will find might. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Prayer of Thanks

A prayer of thanks

Oyiso, Mitakuye Oyasin 
with great respect I bow to the Four Holy Directions 
and the Nine Sacred Streams 
I share a prayer with you on the rainbow beams


To all the Finned relatives in the sea
May you glide and flow in Liberty
We bless you, we Love you too
Glowing and flowing in the wide blue

To all Flying relatives on land and in the sky
May you glide with Liberty as you flow up high
Our hearts are with you as is Spirit Father Sun
May you enjoy freedom of the Holy One


To all Four Legged Creatures upon the land
May your food be plentiful may your lives be grand
We love you and We take a stand
To protect Your living spaces
As best as We can

To all Creep crawlies around Earth Mothers Girth
We love you as you dig and travel MotherEarth
You bring us Joy , We laugh with mirth
As you burrow your abodes in Earth Mothers girth


To All Celestial Bodies above the Firmament
We Bless you We Love your messages Heaven sent
We watch with Awe as you shine with love
Sharing Graces of The Creator with Divine Love

To all Mineral Elementals above and below
We thank you for your Sacred Glow
We thank and bless your messages in the Now Know


To all Angels Sacred in the Grand Flow
Hallowed are your messages in the Sacred Know
We bless you, We Love you too
We Thank your wings surround
We Thank your singing Sound

To all Two Leggeds standing tall
awake and aware of the call
Sharing Love of the Holy dove
Shine your Loving Light day and night
it is Your Holy Rite


I Love you all large or small
May our Spirits fly with Peace
Love Joy Balance and Harmony
throughout the air and the sea

To All Creators Creations up above and below
We bless and thank you for your lives in the Grander Plan
As Relatives of the Rainbows in the Unified Brotherhood of KindMan


Shalom Aleichim <3 Peace be with You
gray rainbow white gray


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