Grandmother Sows the Pillows shines all the stones that billow forth, to Sow them up of course, to bring them closer to your heart, where we are the holy arks. Welcome to the sacred stones, fractals for your delight, each child will find might. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

*{\O/}* PEACE *{\o/}*

Oyiso, Mitakuye Oyasin,

Through Holy Smoke, Fire and Dew 
I bow to the Four Holy Directions 
and the Nine Sacred Streams 
Sharing Peace on Mother Earth  
through all the streams
and Holy Beams

With Peace in our Hearts we thank Our Elders
for having Loved us on OUR way during our day
Love that was gifted to us at Birth
By our Elders, The Great Mystery and Mother Earth

With heartfelt Love we thank Mother Earth and Great Mystery
 Love We feel  Elders know the deal
With Peace in our Hearts we Love Elders, Children
Creators Creations all sentient KINd
With Love in our Hearts we honour Great Mystery

Loving All Nations without separation
Sisters and Brothers Star Nation ...we live our Love
We give our Love with Peace in our Hearts
We are Love we are One

 Great Mystery s Grand Plan
The Unified Whole 
Brother and Sisterhood of Hue-man-KINd
Unified through Heartmind, Brain and Soul
Rainbow clan Harmony of gold all in the fold
we hold 

Waking Rainbow Fumes
gray rainbow white gray  

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