Grandmother Sows the Pillows shines all the stones that billow forth, to Sow them up of course, to bring them closer to your heart, where we are the holy arks. Welcome to the sacred stones, fractals for your delight, each child will find might. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

With Great Respect

With Great Respect 

Oyiso, Mitakuye Oyasin

Bowing to the Four Holy Directions and
 the Nine Sacred Streams through
Holy Smoke, Fire and Dew

Love is always riding on the beams
Golden waves to all the braves
May Healing Light be in Thy sight
Let this Light shine upon their day
to pray find a loving way
For sure they do pray during their war day

Let there be Peace on Mother Earth
Golden Light enfolding her girth
Let all Hearts be filled with mirth

I am a stickler for the gold way
of know old way to bow and pray
to the Four Holy Directions and
the nine sacred streams through
Holy Smoke, Fire and Dew
I bow to Great Mystery 

Holy Heart thoughts alight the beams
of Rainbow streams in You and Me
We are One we are golden
we will live until infinity

Story told of solid gold
we cannot be bought
we cannot be sold
we are the known old
in heart brain soul
and mind combined

One with the Galactic Central Sun
One with Great Mystery
we are her his story
of the now anyhow

we serve the future seven generations
across the Universe and all stations
Galaxies time streams and more
this is our Sacred chore / choir

Angels are here everywhere
Need to ask is the task
Come nearer to me
Angels of Liberty
benevolently share your glove
of Love around me
verily till infinity

Multidimensionality is the breeze of reality
with real eyes the road paved gold
of old in Sovereignty
we are free to choose
do no harm to any sentient KINd
heart soul and mind
be Loved beloved
You are Loved

gray rainbow white gray
Aho-ah Pilamayeye

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